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Foobar and Replaygain


before I come to my real question I have to clarify something.

Many people believe that I have to go to configure -> playback and change options of "replaygain/Preamp" to change the target volume level for scanning/updating-file.-tags.

But I think this is wrong. This is only a tool for the audioplayer inside Foobar right? Like most of Audioplayers have one. Because it only effects if I play music on foobar.

I am searching for an option to change the target volume level for scanning/writing in filetags. So I found: Advanced -> FIle Operations -> ReplayGain Scanner -> File content alteration -> Target volume level (db): 89

Sounds good to me so far. But If I change this into 85 or 95, it doesn't have any effects to the scanner. The scanner is still scanning and updating for 89 db.

Is this a bug or am I just completely wrong?



Using Foobar 1.3.19 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Tried with wav, flac, mp3.

Re: Foobar and Replaygain

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You can't change the reference level. You change it in the player as you seem to already know.

The file content alteration target level is for a method of permanently altering files for players that don't understand tags. Simple hardware players or even default iPhone / Android players for example know nothing about RG tags. You can permanently alter MP3, AAC and Opus files to be played at the defined target level. The feature can be accessed from ReplayGain context menu for said formats.

Re: Foobar and Replaygain

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Ah I see. Good to know. Thank you.

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