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Real Time Audio Stretching With Pitch Shift

As far as I know, the only way to change the speed at which tracks play back in foobar2000 while simultaneously adjusting the pitch (to correspond to the tempo change) is through the "Effect DSP" plugin located here:,84544.0.html

This does what I desire perfectly; using the Pitch/Playback/Tempo Rate panel, specifically the "Playback Rate" section, I am able to stretch the playback of the track while simultaneously changing the tempo to correspond.

Unfortunately, this panel cannot be resized at all, and there seems to be a lot of wasted space.  Since I'm only really interested in the bottom slider, and nothing that appears above it, this is particularly annoying:

So here's my question; are there any alternative ways (perhaps another plugin, for example) to produce the same playback stretching effect with a UI that takes up a lot less space?  Thanks.


Re: Real Time Audio Stretching With Pitch Shift

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Please post link to this thread in foo_dsp_effect thread. Then Mudlord may possibly consider it as feature request and split those sliders into separate UI elements. I have also requested such change so possibly he will see some more realistic demand for such change.

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