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Feature request: Library Search Enter key option(s)

Pressing the Enter key after entering search terms in Library Search replaces the current playlist contents with the search results. Pressing Escape or clicking on the window's close button dismisses it without making changes.

Sometimes when I'm tired, I forget this and make an unwanted change. (I almost always use search for informational purposes only, mainly for "is this track/album in my library?" stuff.) Ctrl-Z will undo the change if entered immediately; otherwise, I'm stuck with it.

I have playlist backups which I should refresh every time I make changes, making this a minor annoyance, but I don't. (I know there are ways to automate that process. No need to remind me.  :) )

I would like to see an option to change the Library Search Enter key behavior to first trigger a dialog asking if the change is actually desired.

This should, of course, be opt-in, as I imagine the majority of users like the current behavior just the way it is. I'm using the latest version 1.3, but I'd be fine with it not appearing until 1.4, should it be implemented at all.


Re: Feature request: Library Search Enter key option(s)

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