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Is Accuraterip telling the difference?


Let's say there's this EAC CD rip in Accuraterip database.

If I have...
(a) EAC rip of the same album.
(b) non-EAC rip of the same album with some zero offsets.
(c) web version of the same album I bought from the digital store (Qobuz).

I'm assuming the results would be...
(a) Match with some confidence numbers.
(c) Track Different Length

But what about the (b) case? It wouldn't be [Not in Accuraterip] since there is one.
Would it be [Track Different Length] too?
Some zero offsets could cause Track Different Length?

In fact, what I have is (c) right now, and the software is showing [Track Different Length].
Could this be an indicator of the audio source (CD or WEB)?

Re: Is Accuraterip telling the difference?

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(b) would be match with different offset, so many confidence counts depending on how many people submitted that exact or similar rip.

(c) sounds like it was split differently. Also, knowing Qobuz, it will probably also be watermarked by their supplier.

Re: Is Accuraterip telling the difference?

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OP: which software are you using?
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Re: Is Accuraterip telling the difference?

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I guess Accuraterip is the software name. I'm trying to learn something here, and it is a great help.

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