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Play Soundcloud through Foobar

Hi, Its my first post!

Anyway, I want to play my Soundcloud stream or even just paste Soundcloud URL's into Foobar...

So far I've tried a few things:
I've tried,104954.0.html but the download link doesn't work anymore  :(
And But I can't figure how to get Foo_Run working, I added the script but Idk how to use it...

Re: Play Soundcloud through Foobar

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Can anyone reply?

Re: Play Soundcloud through Foobar

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I came across this post via Google search and I'm also looking for a Soundcloud solution for Foobar.

Does anyone know of any possible Soundcloud components?

Re: Play Soundcloud through Foobar

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I wonder if Command line decoder wrapper could work with youtube-dl for that :)

Re: Play Soundcloud through Foobar

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Thanks for the reply however I haven't gotten it working myself yet :(
I downloaded Command-line Decoder Wrapper Foobar component but i have no idea how to use it atm lol...
Also you mentioned requiring MPV?
Last question, how have you got this working? can you paste Soundcloud links and play them through Foobar?

Re: Play Soundcloud through Foobar

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Soundcloud listed as youtube-dl Supported sites. I haven't tried with playlist but with a single song, it works.
You could get mpv from here and there is also link to youtube-dl.
You need to set where mpv and youtube-dl to PATH or Additional decoders folders on preferences.
Once all set, you could add the link to playlist via Add location with ytdl:// protocol.

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