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Re: External Tags

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On fb2k v1.4.6, updated external tags, some decoders, masstagger. Foobar starts crashing on startup.
Do you have any crash logs about this? I don't see any submitted crashes from the recent versions of foo_external_tags.

Unrelated to crashing but it looks like at least the latest 1.5.3 version fails showing external tags for me on 1.4.6. Apparently I need to keep the old version around for testing if this kind of accidents can happen.

Now, a large amount of my files don't have their tag files read in the library (my autoplaylists are all incorrect).
Library seems to ignore the filter info. Thanks for reporting.

Re: External Tags

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I had forgotten to change the SDK to target foobar2000 v1.4 so some features of the component didn't work correctly. foobar2000 v1.4 was most seriously affected as the component appeared to be entirely non-operational.

I also made a mistake with my previous post where I mentioned that library seems to ignore filter info. Library shows information correctly but I made a silly mistake testing that.

There's a new version of the component out that fixes some issues and now uses properly configured SDK. Direct file manipulation functions like "Edit file tags" and "Commit external tags to files" should now work again - though they work best with foobar2000 v1.5 beta 11 that should be out soon.

If @bigexplosions still has problems with the new version please post back.

Re: External Tags

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Case, FYI
an attempt to add a picture for streams creates an external tag automatically, right?
But the external tag created in this way does not support dynamic info $meta(genre) and $meta(url) fields.
However, an external tag created using the –°reate External Tags command works as expected.

Re: External Tags

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Thanks for the problem finding. The fallback art writer will now create an external tag from existing info automatically so metadata won't get blanked in this case.

Re: External Tags

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There is an option in foobar 2000 preferences:
  • Preferences window
  • -> Advanced tree section
  • -> Tagging
  • -> General
  • -> Preserve file creation/access/modification time when retagging

This option, being set, along with foo_external_tags preferences set to "Use only SQLite (fastest)" and "Always write external tags in preferred format" (I listed only relevant, as I see it, foo_external_tags options), leads to tag update error, when "OK"/"Apply" button is pressed in Tagging -> Edit external tags window (after changing any tag value): One file could not be updated: Invalid path with following information in status log:
Code: [Select]
Could not update info on:
Reason: Invalid path

Which is understandable, though it would be nice to somehow fix either foobar2000, or foo_external_tags to not produce this error.
Thanks for reporting. Latest version of the component has a filesystem wrapper for my custom protocols and this operation will no longer fail and timestamp preservation works when using "Tagging" -> "Edit file tags" command. Also next version of foobar2000 has a generic fix so timestamp manipulation failing will no longer abort the entire operation.

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