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Re: External Tags

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A yesterday's update introduces a new bug: Context>Edit External Tags doesn't create folder.tags => Any further edit writes directly to audio files. Having the prefs to prefer folder tags, write stream tags to SQlite and read any format.

Damn, I forgot to read changelog, delete this post.

Re: External Tags

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I didn't even consider that scenario, I was so accustomed to people using the Edit menu for all external tag editing. Hope you didn't ruin anything permanently.

Re: External Tags

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OK, I found the "issue" with the "/", and it seems "independent of" External Tags: If I force MP3 files into ID3v2.3, it seems that Tom / Dick / Harry becomes a multivalue field. So if fb2k
- has Tom / Dick / Harry
- creates External Tags out of that
- commits to files
it does sometimes happen that it comes out as multivalue and reads Tom; Dick; Harry.

But, I provoked the same to happen by "Rewrite file tags" without invoking External Tags. @Peter , is this expected behaviour?

Test version with a new context command for finding tracks edited since external tagging. If it finds such tracks it will create a new playlist and place the findings there.

All testing for this post done with that. Seems to work.

ID3v2.3 specification says that multi value fields are to be delimited with forward slashes. Real support for multi value fields was introduced with 2.4.
foobar2000 slightly bends the spec by delimiting the multi value fields with " / " (with the spaces), so actual artist names with slashes do not become multiple artists.

Re: External Tags

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Heh, I've just tested the component without reading much into it (bravo me). I chose the sqlite option, because I love the idea of a neat .db file with all my extra info in there. And only then I noticed that external tags supersede the file tags. Looks like I was rather thinking about a use case I found posted here earlier:
Hi, is it possible to implement the addition of selective tags to an external file, and add the rest of the tags as usual? (For example, to save personal or confidential tags separately from the music file). Thanks.
Likewise, I thought about using external tags as something additional only for my personal purposes, like ReplayGain data, maybe my own set of ratings, tags, moods, comments or anything else that wasn't intended by the artist.

In the end it's not a big deal. Just a little bit redundant in my scenario because I will be left with a whole library of music files with [basic set of tags like artist, title, date] and quite a huge .db file with exactly the same [basic set of tags] + [some additional custom info].

Still, it's a great component, long sought after. Thanks!

Re: External Tags

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Hi, I hope this is the correct place to ask. If this issue has been addressed already I apologise but I couldn't find reference to it earlier in the thread.

I recently updated foo_external_tags to 1.0.19, though this may be coincidental as I also updated foobar2000 to 1.4.1. I have recently noticed that many of the external tags I have created in the past are no longer recognised in foobar2000 playlists - fields are appearing empty. It seems like it may only be certain formats that are affected, most notably modules (foo_dumb) and VGM (foo_input_vgm) in my experience. Example:

When I select the "Edit External Tags" option for songs I know to have external tags like in the above screencap, it's clear that the tag info is safe, but I don't understand why it isn't propagating to playlists automatically. Manually selecting the Edit External Tags -> Reload Info option doesn't work either, and I expected it would, the only thing that does restore the external tags is to modify them to 'force' them to re-propagate. For practical reasons I would prefer not to have to carte-blanche modify (presently) 4,000 or so TAG files to add & then remove arbitrary junk data; is this my only option for getting them to re-propagate in playlists or is there a more elegant solution & explanation for why these tags aren't being picked up without intervention? I've also uploaded one example below if it could help diagnose the issue, though of course no guarantee it'll manifest the same problems on other computers as I'm not sure whether the source of the issue is this component or the main application.


Re: External Tags

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The problem could be caused by having wrong decoder priorities. Open preferences and verify on the playback -> decoding screen that "External Tags (reader)" is at the top.

Re: External Tags

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Aha, thank you Case! That was indeed the problem, though it isn't clear how the tag reader fell lower down the order of priorities - I'll keep an eye on this in future. Fortunately it was only foo_openmpt (actually) and foo_input_vgm that were higher priority so only those files need info reloaded.

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