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Help with setup

What DSPs or other options should I be using with a pair of Sennheiser HD 380 Pros, how do I set them up and what are the best settings, also what are the best settings for crossfade? I want my music to blend seamlessly from song to song with absolutely no silence in between.

Re: Help with setup

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If there's nothing wrong with the sound there's no need for DSP.   Is there something you want to fix or change?

also what are the best settings for crossfade?
That's a matter of personal preference.   What software?  

Personally, I don't like a "fade".   I like a "DJ style crossfade" where the 2nd song kicks-in as the 1st song is fading-out "naturally" (if the 1st song has a fade-out).    SqrSoft makes a Winamp plug-in that can do that, but it gives me a glitch in the audio and Winamp is old and no longer supported.    Other than the glitch it works...   :P  You can set it to start playback of the 2nd track when the dB level of your choice.    SAM DJ has something similar but I have not tried it.   And, there is one or two other DJ applications that have "smart crossfading". 

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