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v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

How to reproduce:
1. Connect to a PC using RDP (Remote Desktop).
2. Start playing in the foobar2000.
3. Press pause.
4. Disconnect from the PC.
5. Log in on this machine physically.
6. Press play.
But it doesn't play, current position of playback isn't changing, it seems that it can't stream decoded sound into output. You can press pause/play/pause/play any amount of times, and it doesn't play anything until you press stop button. After pressing "stop" and "play" it starts to work normally.

It's an old issue, I encounter it every day after work, just decided to report it today.

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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Thanks for reporting.

Does this issue occur in 1.4 beta too?

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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Haven't tried it yet. I'll try to reproduce it in the v1.4.0 beta today after work.

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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Yeah, it is easily reproducible with clean installation of the latest beta of the v1.4.0. I use Windows 7 with the latest updates on the host machine, and Windows 10 as a client. The sound is transferred through RDP when I connected to the host.

P.S. Also I have noticed that spectrum visualization on the toolbar looks a bit ugly now. In the v1.3.x it was like a native control, and now it doesn't fit standard Windows theme. Is it possible to restore standard border background of this control in the v1.4?

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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Thanks for the bug report.

The problem has been noted and reproduced, it's apparent on both Windows 7 and 10 hosts.

At least - despite of moderate annoyance factor - it does not have ill effect beyond the apparent ones, lets you stop and restart playback gracefully.

It will be addressed for the next update.

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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Thank you. I hope that v1.3.x will also have this fix =) It is a really good idea to fix bugs in the v1.3.x for some time in spite of v1.4.x.

Re: v1.3.19 gets stuck after using RDP

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I don't know if the issue was fixed, but I observe the same behavior in the latest 1.5 beta after something plays some sound in exclusive mode. It is also easy to reproduce. At first, you need to allow exclusive mode:

Then, start playing some music in foobar2000.
Then, play a sound in exclusive mode using other software. For example, you can use this program for this purpose:
Code: [Select]
play-exclusive --file chimes.wav
When the sound is finished, the foobar2000 is stuck forever until you press "Stop" and "Play" buttons.

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