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v1.3.18 m3u8 playlist problem

Updated to v1.3.18 yesterday and have discovered a problem with m3u8 playlists. Track 01 is missing from all my m3u8 playlists so they now all start playback at track 02. This doesn't appear to affect m3u playlists, only m3u8 ones.

Tried to fix it by creating a new m3u8 list but the problem persists, playback starts at track 2 as if track 1 doesn't exist, Opening the playlist with a text editor shows that everything is in it's right place, but this latest build of Foobar is ignoring the first track like it isn't there.

Re: v1.3.18 m3u8 playlist problem

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I apologize about this one, it is 100% my own fault, I am not sure why the iTunes M3U8 compatibility change was not mentioned in the original 1.3.18 change log - otherwise someone would have noticed this bug earlier. Anyway, 1.3.19 released, have a nice day.


Re: v1.3.18 m3u8 playlist problem

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Thanks for the speedy fix, it's very much appreciated.

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