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EAC write offset need help.

Hi guys,

Im new here and i really need your help to set my write offset in EAC for my burner.
I know my read sample offset correction thank to AccurateRip but thats all.
I try to burn a CD-R in writer EAC tab but when i click Detect read sample offset correction in Offset / Speed tab i have exactly the same value.
So it seems my write offset is 0 if I do write samples offset = combined read/write offset correction - read offset correction
I try with another burner and i have the same write offset value (0).
Please help me I’m so sad I don’t understand how to fix that issue.
Thank you by advance and I’m sorry for my bad English.



Re: EAC write offset need help.

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0 write offset is possible. Did you burn a CD from files you ripped then rip the CD copy and compare files to the original? You can compare AccurateRip results also.

Re: EAC write offset need help.

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Thank you for your answer.
So i do this :
- I rip a CD to wav
- I burn this rip with write offset at 0
- I rip one track of the cdr and i use wav compare tool
When i compare the two wavs there is no error.

So finally my write offset seems to be 0 right ?

Re: EAC write offset need help.

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Can you answer me please ?

Re: EAC write offset need help.

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If wav compare doesn't report any differences (file ripped from original CD compared to same track ripped from copy) the write offset is correct.

Re: EAC write offset need help.

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Thank you for your help.

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