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Topic: [OFF-TOPIC NECRO POST] Listening Test: 320kbps vs Lossless (Read 1117 times) previous topic - next topic
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[OFF-TOPIC NECRO POST] Listening Test: 320kbps vs Lossless

16bit is enough for most musical apps today, but i'm very impressed by the sensitivity of the human ear ifit goes to reflections, reverbs etc. which are important for room localisations etc..

To "future proof' archive audio, loessless codecs are my very first choice. If i think about future VR and 3D applications, much higher dynamics / dynamics changes are not of of the world for me.

I use higher sample rates (88,2kHz) for recording and processing in most cases, givin me more flexibility there, while (for music) correct masters in 16bit are usually OK. "Hearable Differences" in higher sample Rates often have their Source in side effects on the Replication System, but are not related to "more audio quality" at all.

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