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Best Portable AAC Setting?

What setting should i use for my iPhone to get good audio quality? I use QAAC to convert my FLACS to AAC.

Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?

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I use VBR mode and Q 64. That has gives my AAC library an average bitrate of 127 kbps and it sounds great. No annoying artifacting and one can fit plenty of music on any device.

Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?

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I mixed up Apple's presets to conjure up my own:
-v128 -q2

Code: [Select]
High Quality(128k)  -a128 -q1
iTunes Plus(256k)   -v256 -q2

Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?

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Thanks for your replies. I'll try to give 128 kbps a shot.

Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?

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The answer depends on three things:
a) Storage limitations
b) Headphone quality and type
c) Will you connect it to an external device?

- If you are only listening to your iPhone through the included headphones then I wouldn't recommend going higher than 128kbps.
- If you are listening to your iPhone through high quality headphones AND/OR you will connect it to another device (stereo, bluetooth speaker, car radio, etc.) then use the highest setting possible, considering space limitations. Make some tests, see how big files result and adjust accordingly. I wouldn't go lower than 160kbps or higher than 256kbps.

In any case, use VBR.

Re: Best Portable AAC Setting?

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Thanks for your replies. I'll try to give 128 kbps a shot.

A wise choice as that's what I suggest for most people in general regardless if they got high quality headphones etc or not as it's one of those settings you can just use and forget about it.

given what I read around here over the years with polls etc it seems like one of the following three settings is likely to please the vast majority of people....

96kbps = one favors efficiency over sound quality.
128kbps = the best all around choice. it's got plenty enough sound quality while still maintaining near the maximum in efficiency.
160kbps = one favors sound quality over efficiency.

p.s. I think efficiency is pretty much shot over 192kbps TOPS, so I would avoid bit rates over 192kbps on the high end. on the other side of that equation... I would generally avoid using bit rates under 96kbps since your gambling on sound quality loss, even though in certain situations bit rates lower than 96kbps are a option (AAC-LC @ 64kbps is pretty much the very low end if someone is really hard up for storage space and ain't too concerned with sound quality). or put it this way... I would be more likely to consider using bit rates below 96kbps than I would be to use bit rates above 160-192kbps. but as a general rule for me when it comes to lossy encoders (primarily AAC/Opus since these are the all around best choices nowadays).... 128kbps and lower is best. because if one is THAT concerned with sound quality you might as well use a lossless format if possible as lossy encoders are mainly about finding that sound quality/efficiency balance which is why I feel it's mostly about 128kbps and lower.
For music (especially on-the-go)...
-I suggest Opus @ 96kbps (or... 64kbps minimum, 128kbps maximum). *preferred choice*
-I suggest AAC(Apple) @ 96kbps (q45 TVBR) or 128kbps (q64 TVBR). *secondary choice*
-I use Foobar2000 (/w Encoders Pack etc) to convert FLAC to Opus/AAC(Apple).

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