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Two factor authentication (2FA) on

While updating my profile, I noticed that the forum software now offers Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security. I enabled it, added the code to my Authenticator app as well as KeePass, and it works flawlessly. KeePass even auto-types the OTP on the login page.

Anyone else here who uses 2FA?

Re: Two factor authentication (2FA) on

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I started using it a while back, I was probably the first, since I had to enable the feature in the forum for it to appear.

Re: Two factor authentication (2FA) on

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Thanks for enabling it. Since then, I've noticed a few other forums offer authenticator-based 2FA as well. Since there's no need to provide a mobile phone number, this is more or less a no-brainer for added security, especially since some websites have not moved to HTTPS.

I've found the following programmes/apps essential for TOTP management:

Hope that's of some help to anyone curious about using OTP codes.

Re: Two factor authentication (2FA) on

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Two other options:
  • 1Password but it's a subscription model now
  • Pass Kind of has a steep learning curve. Requires the pass-otp plug-in, just paste the totp token URI into the file for a given site, or use a QR decoder to decode a saved code image to find the URI.

Re: Two factor authentication (2FA) on

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Nice. Pity that Pass4Win is no longer developed, but I will play around with qtpass.

The beauty of KeePass is that it auto-types the OTP, as well. This is the sequence I use:

Code: [Select]

After entering the username alone, HA takes me to a page where the password and OTP can be entered. A delay of 4 seconds is enough for the second page to be ready.

Re: Two factor authentication (2FA) on

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Wouldnt mind it if KeePass had a REd Steam/Blizzard authenticator.

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