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Manual tracklist Lastfm scrobble?

Hello, is there any plugin or possibility to manually scrobble the selection of tracks directly from foobar (not by playing them).
I often need this when i want to sync my plays from my old mp3 player or to sync albums i've listened not at home.

There was a site that allowed such feature by copy-pasting tracklist but now it's not working anymore. There is also "Universal Scrobbler" site with similiar feature but it's not free.

Or maybe someone knows similar free online services like "Universal Scrobbler"?


Re: Manual tracklist Lastfm scrobble?

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I know this will not be directly helpful but...
I've been searching for something similar a few months back without much success: most (if not all) solutions were asking for money. I remember one letting non-paying users scrobble some 10 tracks per day, but I considered it waaay to little (like probably you would too).

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