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Topic: Prevent threaded_process dialog from showing so quickly, or at all (Read 309 times) previous topic - next topic
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Prevent threaded_process dialog from showing so quickly, or at all

My component has a threaded_process that queries for every track that plays. This query typically takes about 600-750ms to complete. Even with the threaded_process::flag_show_delayed set, I get a very brief popup that usually disappears before it can be read which is kind of distracting. Because this could theoretically happen on every track that is played, I'd prefer not to have the popup show, or at least wait longer than the 500ms.

My call:
Code: [Select]
		service_ptr_t<threaded_process_callback> cb = new service_impl_t<get_lastfm_scrobbles>(hash_record_list);
showProgress | threaded_process::flag_show_item | threaded_process::flag_show_delayed,
COMPONENT_NAME": Retrieving scrobbles");

Is there any way to further delay the popup from displaying, or prevent it from displaying altogether?

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