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How to make XLD automatically number tracks?

It's been a long while since I've encoded music.  Now I can't find my way back to a basic function that I believe I used to use frequently.

I'm trying to create folders of compressed tracks from CD's and FLAC's using XLD.  When I go to play back an album-folder of compressed tracks, the tracks appear (and play) in alphabetical order - not in the order they appeared in on the album.

I'm trying to accomplish two things ... #1) automatically add a track number to the file name (ie, "01 Stairway to Nowhere.m4a ... 02 Ready for Anything.m4a ... etc" .... and #2) also have each track embedded with the track number in its respective tag. 

I just want my folders (of individual tracks) to play exactly like the original album ... and using song-embedded info, not a separate cue file.

I could have sworn this was a simple pref to check when I last used XLD.  Now I can't find it and I have no idea how to get those two simple outcomes. 

Can anyone help?

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