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foo_request_http for foobar I found this via google


ive found this plugin on the internet, I was looking for a plugin that auto takes request from listeners who are listening to my radio station (stream) works with foobar  on that website I downloaded the plugin, it works fine! but wanted to ask if someone here on this forums knows about this plugin? because I have one problem with this plugin, if people request lets say ac/dc - thunderstruck it adds the song to the waitlist but problem is cant figure out how to disable the band ac/dc then for lets say 1 hour, so that listerners cant click all ac/dc songs so there is to much songs in a row of 1 band.

Ive searched the forums for a plugin like this, I have tryed edna this works cool but not what i'm looking for :(

Maybe someone here knows another trick or system to get an simple html with a list of all my songs on the server i have and listeners can click lets say 3 songs per hour.

I hope my english is ok for understanding what I mean.


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