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Change color of the whole program is there?

using foobar2000 v. 1.3.17. for (windows 7) .
I chose the black color as the background and a lighter color in the letters.
The remaining parts of the foobar2000 have a different hue and, more specifically, light color which he gets from the windows 7.
I've heard of Themes or Skins but I haven't figured out the difference .
There really is a way to be around the program dark in this black color and of only the lists of the program?

Thank you

Re: Change color of the whole program is there?

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You can edit the colors of the program here:
File\Preferences\Display\Default User Interface\Colors and Fonts

I think a black background is going to difficult because it would be hard to see texts and such. I use a dark grey background, which does the trick for me personally. I assume you want a dark(er) background because it's more soothing for your eyes (especially at night)?

I personally use W10, W7 was quite a while ago for me. So I have no clue how the color settings influence foobar in W7, but I assume you can also use another theme in W7 to make the 'bars' another color. I also remember that you can set the 'bars' transparent, don't know if you disabled that already?

Re: Change color of the whole program is there?

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Themes and skins.....two words for the same concept.

Concerning color changes you would like, the colors you want to change can not be changed from within Foobar2000 regardless of your windows version. They are a part of your windows theme that you use.

A search of the web site with topic 'change color foobar' will bring up plenty of information

Now, if you have the knowledge, or time to learn you likely can achieve pretty much anything with scripting  and some replacement panels based on said scripting. You can peruse the 3rd party components forum for information.

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