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Topic: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder?? (Read 2428 times) previous topic - next topic
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Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

I am looking for a standalone shoutcast encoder that works with Windows XP and can run 2 or more VST or DSP plugins at the same time which do you recommend?? I have already tried MB Recaster Altacast Butt and Sound Empire Encoder they do not fit my need is there anything else??

Re: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

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Pretty much all Shoutcaster solutions are crap. BUTT is opensource and awesome but it's pretty bare bones, it does what it's supposed to do. I'd recommend using that and staying away from any other solutions (even most commercial ones).

For your audio setup try VoiceMeeter or the virtual audio cables from VB-Audio.
Banana is more advanced but uses more CPU. The simplest is just a VB-Audio virtual cable. Use it's input and output between BUTT and your audio software. Since it's donationware if you throw a few bucks his way then you get two more virtual cables. And now you can chain MusicPlayer>CableA>VSThost>CableB>BUTT

You can find free VST hosts at kvraudio

If you are using Voicemeeter + the Virtual cable then you don't need any extra virtual cables as VoiceMeeter includes one as well (thus you have two).

Re: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

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I have decided to go with MB Recaster I have one little problem with it listener count is not updating so I am using Radio Toolbox to fix that.  For the DSP plugins I am using MuchFX to run multiple plugins then I am using Sqrsoft Limiter Compressor Enhancer 0.17 and Rocksteady.  I am aslo using a DSP plugins= that allow you to use a VST plugin and I am using Eugeny Danchenko Vinyl a vinyl dust sound I set this to be very minimal.  

Re: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

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You should probably aim towards making your stream meet the EBU R 128 loudness standard of -23 LUFS. Most radio and TV stations in europe adhere to this. So you probably do not need to use that much audio/signal compression, depending on the sources you may find they are not dynamic enough.

Re: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

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The plugins I am using I have tweaked them and a few people told me the audio quality sounds pretty good. 

Re: Anybody Know Of A Free Standalone Shoutcast Encoder??

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audio quality sounds pretty good.
IF the bitrate is high enough it should.

Just be aware that when many say "good" they mean "loud". They may also say "good" and mean it doesn't sound worse than their car radio. I doubt many say "good" and mean "it sounds like my CD".

Ask them after having been tuned in for many hours straight how it sounds, if they tell you they stopped listening or had to take breaks because their ears go tired then you'd probably overdone your sound processing. :)

You might also want to listen to your own stream for a few hours (so you hear what your listeners hear), then compare how that sounds to the original unprocessed tracks sound.
I prefer to leave sound compression to the playback device (many have mode or switch for Night/quiet and Work/Noisy environments).

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