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What lossless format do you use on a *regular* basis?

[ 182 ] (82%)
[ 10 ] (4.5%)
[ 12 ] (5.4%)
ALAC (Apple Lossless)
[ 7 ] (3.2%)
Monkey's Audio (APE)
[ 2 ] (0.9%)
Uncompressed PCM (.wav,.aiff )
[ 1 ] (0.5%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
WMA Lossless
[ 0 ] (0%)
Other lossless format
[ 1 ] (0.5%)
I don't  use any lossless codec
[ 7 ] (3.2%)

Total Members Voted: 222

Voting closed: 2018-12-30 20:12:07

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2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Hi everyone,

It was a few years since last lossless poll.

BTW there are chances that TAK will go open source. It will be interesting to see how it will compete with other open source formats, FLAC and WavPack.

This is how lossless formats have performed during previous years

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #1
Voted FLAC. I also regularly use WavPack (to distinguish out pre-emph'ed rips in case I accidentally delete the PRE_EMPHASIS tag - and a very few floating-point signals).

But I still wonder what's the user base for lossless audio-only compared to the number of people who regularly use Meridian Lossless (playing their Blu Ray discs, and maybe a few HD DVDs).
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Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #2
I use FFmpeg to make my Flac.
OpusFLAC or OpusWAV  🤔

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #3
Error in the question, if it can be edited. Should say lossless.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #4
This poll needs multiple choices possibility.
I use FLAC mostly, but also sometimes WavPack if I need to store floating point data for some reason.
Voted for WavPack, as FLAC is guaranteed to be #1 anyway.
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Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #5
Sadly, this forum script does not support multiple-choice polls. It does support allowing one to vote multiple times, which does not stop someone from voting for the same option multiple times. Maybe we should have stayed with the same old forum script forever more, as that ancient piece of crap IP.Board 2 supported multiple-choice polls.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #6
I've voted for Flac since everything i buy or download is that. While my CD rips are mix of wavpack/flac.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #7
Flac is great. No need for anything else here.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #8
99% FLAC
0.9% WAVPACK (for what FLAC can't handle)
0,1% Monkey's Audio (INSANE compression for stuff that isn't meant to be listened to but used as processing correction for supported physical formats)

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #9
All of these have the same quality and I use FLAC. It is most compatible to my devices.

From that list, I only know FLAC, ALAC and uncompressed PCM-Wave. I never tried one of the other I wonder, how many lossless codecs there are.  :))
I read a little bit about TAK in this forum. I never heard about everything else of that list before :-D.
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Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #10
WavPack the best. can keep 32bit-integer format and dsd in high compression. The perfect one format solution. Hope to be more popular.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #12
I specifically use Cuetool's FLAC for regular Stereo audio because of the better compression ratios compared to other encoders. I also use TAK for 5.1 PCM rips from DVD and Blu-ray albums because it has the best compression ratio amongst all lossless compression formats that support multichannel audio.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #13

it's how I score my lossless collection and then use Foobar2000 to convert from FLAC to Opus or AAC (other lossy formats are outdated) when I need lossy audio files.
For music I suggest (using Foobar2000)...
1)Opus @ 64kbps or 96kbps.
2)AAC (Apple or FhG(Winamp)) @ 96kbps.
3)MP3 (LAME) @ V5 (130kbps). NOTE: I am using MP3(V5) on AGPTEK-U3(8GB) as of Mar 18th 2021. I use 'fatsort' (on Linux) so MP3's are listed in proper order on AGPTEK-U3.

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #14

it's how I score my lossless collection and then use Foobar2000 to convert from FLAC to Opus or AAC (other lossy formats are outdated) when I need lossy audio files.
 Care to elaborate on the reason why you think so?
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.

Musepack --quality 6
Wavpack -hb4.55x5cvm

Re: 2018 Format poll [LOSSLESS]

Reply #15
sorry, that does not registration "non-regular basis" formats. flac/wv/ape/? =~ 60/39/0.99/0.01%

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