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foobar going 64bit?

A simple question regarding development path:
Is foobar going to become 64 bit app in near future? There would be one advantage of such move - bigger memory usage, which could allow for speeding up for example ML search functionalities for very large libraries. But of course there are those side effects, like causing all current plugins being incompatible / requiring recompiling/additional development.

So is something like this considered or no? I am just curious, nothing more.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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Good question, I'm curious about that too although I don't have my hopes up.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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It can't become 64-bit while still supporting WinXP, and

foobar2000 still supports Windows versions as old as Windows XP - and that's not expected to change this decade

BTW, I will miss foo_jesus and foo_chacon.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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This was actually done as early as 2005 with 0.9 alpha series on Windows XP 64-bit but there were no interesting benefits beyond the potential ability to index larger libraries / load larger playlists - but the performance would still suck due to loading on startup and saving on shutdown.

The main problem with 64-bit build is that no existing component will work. Maintaining separate 64-bit and 32-bit builds of every single component would have created a huge mess, that's why I abandoned the idea.

There are other options for improving large media library search performance at cost of component compatibility, for an example replacing the ancient metadb design with a modern SQLite backend - which would solve slow search, slow startup, slow shutdown and large memory usage.

That said, every flavour of foobar2000 mobile does have a 64-bit compile available and even the experimental Mac version is 64-bit.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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Loving the sqlite idea. I'm doing that already using an ancient wsh script but it's more to store data and display graphs and not for searching. I often wondered why foobar doesn't go the more true database route.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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Basically I can't redesign foobar2000 database without making existing components not work - the metadb interface presented to components has very strong ties to the existing database design.

foobar2000 mobile - and foobar2000 for Mac prototype - already all use SQLite.

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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Thanks for answers :)

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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Hi, why not making Windows Store foobar 64bit, addons are not working there anyway, even if it would some day.

BTW: When is Store version updated to Beta 12?

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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+1 for a 64bit build.

In my case i use some VST plugins wich unfortunately (or fortunately?) are starting to drop x86 version support.

I already have the new version of my beloved IRCAM Hear v3 that doesn't support x86 anymore :(

Re: foobar going 64bit?

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That is not necessary for VST plugin support. My foo_midi component, for instance, already supports 64 bit VST instruments, since they are loaded out of process anyway.

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