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Batmanizer script?

So the situtation is that I frequently get into the deals when I had to read some temporary texts for video editing (Audio is later send to real speakers) and I would like to batmanize my voice for this purposes (a bash script?). So far in Audacity:

-    Audacity, record some talking
-    ctrl + d to duplicate track
-    on top track effect/change pitch, set percent change to -16
-    bottom track, same thing, but do -20
-    maybe select all (ctrl + a) and effect/change speed, set speed multiplier to 0.95
-    maybe some sort of compressor on everything

The result is ok (but far from perfect), but it seems to be missing at least:

- Some sort of bass treatment (like the bass part of voice of sky before thunder ) < A good filter for that? Or just mix in something deep?
- slight roar or r,r,r which should probably be around 50-200 HZ < Again a filter? Or just mix something in?
- automatization (bash script?)


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