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Unable to playback .tak file

Hi, all,

I'm a beginner to use foobar2K. I've install foobar2K on my iPAD and PC. But when I try to playback a tak file.
The alert in my iPAD said: playback error: ffmpeg: path weclome. On: xxxxx/cc.tak
After I install TAK Decoder for my foobar2K on PC. It works.
But I still dk how to install component on iPAD.
Could anyone can help me to fix this issue? Thank you so much.
iPAD IOS 12.2
foobar2K Version 1.1.38 64bit ffmpeg 3.3.3


Re: Unable to playback .tak file

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you can not install components of any kind on any idevice unless its a app form the app store these components are windows only 

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