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create a discography list with

found a useful utility for creating convenient album lists of your favorite artist

For example, copy Rammstein

- we activate the code with one click and get

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link to discussion TCIMG

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Code: [Select]
xends=Albums@CRLFProduction@CRLFMiscellaneous@CRLFCompilations@CRLFSingles~~&~~EPs@CRLFVideos@CRLFWriting~~&~~Arrangement aends=-1??-1||?T|a7:GLOBALXENDS<t>,1:-1!!§|c8:GLOBALXENDS<t>,1:-1!!0!!(\t+)!!¤||&&[\r\n]+([^¤\r\n]{2}+)!!~~¤$1$2||§!!@CRLF||&&(~~¤)+!!~~¤||?B52!!¤||?B54!!¤||?F52 sends=$GLOBALAENDS||&&(?m)(.*)~~¤(.*)$!!$2~~-~~$1||?F54,56||&&(?m)^([^¤\r\n]+~~¤[^¤\r\n]+)(?:~~¤([^¤\r\n]*)¤?)?$!!$1||?T|z,1:-1!!¤|c1:GLOBALXENDS<t>,1:-1!!0!!¤!! kends=$GLOBALSENDS||&&(?m)^([^¤]+)¤([^¤]+)¤$!!$1($2)||?!!||?T|a1:GLOBALXENDS<t>,1:-1!!@CRLF bends=$GLOBALKENDS||?T|z1:GLOBALXENDS<t>,1:-1!!@CRLF cends=$GLOBALBENDS||^^[info=s46]):@CRLF asave=GLOBALCENDS||"%pDiscography.txt"|0||code<3>||upd<1> openf=GLOBALASAVE<1>||open<ASSOC>
Creating a Discography File at


the code changes the copied text and creates a text file in the active panel, then opens it in a text editor

utility free, without advertising need Total Commander

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