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CD ripped CUE FLAC dither?

Using foobar to split CUE files into individual tracks (because I have read the Medieval CUE splitter is BAD).

When converting in foobar, (if set to ALWAYS) the output WILL HAVE DITHER only when a bit change has occured, correct?

Currently, I'm converting EAC ripped CDs to FLAC with a cue file I made like a decade or more ago. I know this is a stupid question but I just want to verify before I proceed with my probably hundreds hours of work. But my question applies to any bit depth/audio file type really.

So in my above scenario with CD rips, even though dither is set to ALWAYS, the output file in fact won't be dithered because I have my output set to 16bit, correct?

Thanks for the (hopefully very quick) answer and help!


Re: CD ripped CUE FLAC dither?

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The "always" option indeed means always. It will dither even when bitdepth doesn't change.


Re: CD ripped CUE FLAC dither?

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Okay, I'm very glad I asked then. I wish there was an "only on bit change" option then.

Thanks for the response.


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