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EAC and accuraterip

I rip on tracks with dbpoweramp but I would like to start doing EAC, image + cuesheet. The problem is that EAC does not find the CD in accuraterip and dbpoweramp, yes.

Why is this and can it be solved?

With accurately of cuetools there is not this problem.

What is the difference between accurately de cuetools and accuraterip?
Pionnered S.

Re: EAC and accuraterip

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dbpoweramp can check your rip against alternate pressings in the AccurateRip DB. EAC can only look for the exact pressing of the CD you're ripping.

The CUETools DataBase (CTDB) is a different accuracy database.

Re: EAC and accuraterip

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Sorry, I have not been able to answer before. The job!

I think I have the right disk to configure EAC as you say. I will try, to see if there is luck ...

Thanks Korth :)
Pionnered S.

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