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Digital path through my setup

Trying to understand the paths the ones and zeros take though my setup.

I have a Chromecast Audio (CCA) toslink to my DacMagic DAC. A netgear hub is connected to my router. From the hub, Cat5 ethernet runs to the CCA and a TP_Link 5G WAP.

My Galaxy phone wifi's to the WAP. On the phone are my FLAC files (also some MP3); I play these files on a Poweramp app. I also play music from a Spotify app, a BBC iplayer app, various other internet radio apps, Youtube and the Chrome browser.

Firstly the FLAC files. They must be decompressed then put through the DAC to turn them into audio. Does the decompression take place on my phone or on the DAC? I am assuming on the phone, in Poweramp, as I need a player that understands FLAC.

After the files leave my phone, compressed or uncompressed, they goto the WAP then hub then CCA.

As far as the other apps are concerned all get their ones and zeros from the internet. Do they come to my phone, via the WAP then back to the WAP then hub then CCA. I assume this route as I use my phone to make adjustments to the sound e.g. volume. 

How much of the above have I got wrong?

Re: Digital path through my setup

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I believe the files on your phone will be sent as FLAC and decoded to audio by the CCA - at least that is my understanding.

As far as music from the internet is concerned, your phone is simply acting as a remote control with the CCA. The music goes straight to the CCA. You can confirm this for yourself by starting playback of eg a radio stream and then turning off your phone.

Re: Digital path through my setup

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I believe that by using the toslink I bypass the DAC in the CCA.

I turned the phone off and the sound ceased.

Re: Digital path through my setup

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I would expect the audio to cease when your 'phone is turned off for your Flac files stored and played on your 'phone.

For audio from iPlayer, or Spotify (internet streams) those should continue once you have queued up (cast) a radio stream or a number of songs/albums to be played back on the CCA.

If the CCA is connected to your own DAC via (mini) toslink, then the CCA will feed the digital signal into your own DAC like any other S/PDIF connection would, so your DacMagic DAC will be doing the digital to analogue conversion.

I do not know where your locally stored Flac files are being decoded but my guess would be on your 'phone by the Poweramp app.

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