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.Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

This my seem like a simple question but I'm not very knowledgeable about this.  I ripped some music cds using EAC and then converted the files to flac format.  I then burned the flac files to a cd-rs with Imgburn for archiving.  However when I put the cds in my PC drive, the files show up as .Fla files (not .flac), and I can't drop them into Oggdrop to convert them to Ogg files.

Why are the files showing up as .Fla files instead of .Flac when I burned them as .Flac files, and what do I need to do to be able to use them with Oggdrop and/or convert them to other formats (Mp3, Ogg, etc)?  thanks

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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* You/Imgburn probably used the old ISO 9660 file system, which only allows for 3-character extensions:
* If Oggdrop does not support the .fla extension, try to copy the files to your hard drive and then rename them to .flac. This utility is handy if you have many files:

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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Thanks, that was probably it.  Is there a better free burning software to use so that this doesn't happen (.flac files stay intact when burning to data cd)?  thanks

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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Why CD-R?

(I have not used that in a while, frankly.)

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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Just to have a physical archive of my music (in lossless flac).

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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The problem is that when I burn the EAC-ripped .flac files to a cd-r with ImgBurn, they become .fla files and lose tag information.

Edit:  I think CDBurnerXp may do what I need.  I just ripped a music cd to flac files with EAC, and then used CDBurnerXp to burn the files to a disc, and the files stayed perfectly intact as .flac files.

Re: .Fla files on burned cd instead of .flac?

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* ImgBurn could do it - see, see subsubsubsubsection Restrictions - but I don't know how EAC and ImgBurn communicate.

* You could always dump the .flac files in a .zip or .7z archive (uncompressed). Maybe you could use one archive per audio CD, and use some utility to match sizes and get two CDs on one CD-R.

* A "physical archive" ... I assume you do not count hard drives as "physical" then, but still: why CD-R?
- if the CDs did rip easy, they are a physical backup. Certainly, tagging is some job, but tag files can be backed up, and do not take much space (apart from pictures, possibly).
- CD-R is more expensive and more cumbersome than DVD-R or Blu-Ray. I would consider a Blu-Ray burner if I were to use optical media (75-ish CDs per disc).

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