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Re: FLAC bug?

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@saratoga: If the header of a WAV is problematic, then there is usually a little bit more difference than one single bad sample somewhere in the middle of the PCM data (or the file would not play at all). But that bad sample is very audible ("click", that is, why I came to the idea to compare).  ;D

I tried something like this for verification:
Code: [Select]
for (long i = 0; i < numSamples; i++)  {
  if (sourcePcmSamples[i] != decodedPcmSamples[i]) {
    print(" difference!");
And it enters the inside of the if once it reaches the bad sample. So my ears and Audacity aren't wrong  ;D .

@Porcus: Both results contains the bad sample. It seems to be the encoder part. ::)
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Re: FLAC bug?

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Is this  the file?
4.716.818 Ocean Trip.wav
I hear noise with music in background on Windows 8 computer - trying various players now. I guess it's one of those 4 bit codecs, simmilar to the fallout 1 and 2 ost ones.
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Re: FLAC bug?

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I don't know, what music format Fallout uses. I never had that game.

I guess there are two diferent versions of  the game music.

Since I have both,  the "K√∂nigsedition" (the german title of the game including the "weird" files) and the original release from 199x (containing regular PCM files including the problematic one), I just tried the file most of you have.

It is a modified IMA-ADPCM (Different step table, I had to extract it from the game first to decode properly) with PCM-header and wrong byte/nibble order. That it, why it sounds so weird. The song itself is the same.

I decoded it first to 16-bit PCM and then re-encoded it to FLAC. But the problem is not happening here (I think, because the file is lossy). So that file is totally useless here.
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Re: FLAC bug?

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I finally received the supposed problem file from a helpful member.

I can not reproduce the bad encoding with the information given in this thread. I installed 64-bit Linux Mint v18.3 but its repository contains only FLAC 1.3.1-4. So I compiled the official tarball myself and the file compresses perfectly losslessly.

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