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Req: Drag+drop when there is no playlist

fb2k has so many features that I am hesitant to start the subject with "Req:", it could very well be a setting, but if so: it isn't the default behaviour (I tried an out-of-the-box portable 1.4 beta 6 just now), and I think it should be:

I have deleted all playlists. I try to drag+drop new files into the playlists window. It won't let me.
Is there any reason not to create a new playlist and dump these files into it, like it does if there is a playlist tab to dump them next to? (Is there any reason to assume that this is not what a user wants?)
Memento: this is Hydrogenaudio. Do not assume good faith.

Re: Req: Drag+drop when there is no playlist

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OK, fixed for the next update. This behavior was indeed weird, thanks for pointing out.

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