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Bug OGG decode

This odd and specific to the Foobar2000, a problem was noticed a few years ago and still not fixed. So I decided to write about it.
Two files are attached to the message, in the original WEBM format, and demuxed in Ogg. That is, simply copying the stream without reencoding into the native container.

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ffmpeg.exe -i source.webm -vn -codec:a copy destination.ogg
The version of FFmpeg does not matter, the very last one (v3.4.1) gives the same result.

So, what happens... I checked the resulting OGG file on three different players — VLC, MPC, AIMP, and all playable it as authentic as the original WEBM. And only Foobar2k plays this file with bugs. It sounds like a light crackling for 5-9 seconds and a little farther. Demuxing to formats MKV, WEBM is played without problems. If the problem were in FFmpeg, other players would also reproduce the resulting file with errors.

That's it, I hope for a solution.

Re: Bug OGG decode

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I believe it's the same problem as mentioned in this thread. Unfortunately foobar's verifier can't report nonsensical granulepos values and I'm too lazy to write custom tool to check this. Either way the timestamps are no longer trusted in 1.4 beta and your file plays without glitches there.

Re: Bug OGG decode

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Yeah, it looks that. Big thank. In the beta version 1.4 of this problem is fixed.

Re: Bug OGG decode

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I have found a problem of non-playing of some OGG-files in foobar2000 at all.

Some OGG-files (encoded previously by foobar2000) is playable by foobar2000, but some OGG-files (maybe made by some older codecs) is non-playable by foobar2000 (but playable by other players).

In the attachment is two OGG-files - playable and non-playable by foobar2000.

Playable file has encoded by libVorbis (Schaufenugget) (20101101 (Schaufenugget)), identifier number 236608335 (0xE1A5B4F) (as shown by MediaInfo utility), and non-playable file has encoded by libVorbis 1.0 (UTC 2002-07-17), identifier number 9713812 (0x943894).

I found that problem in 1.4.3 version of Foobar2000, i updated this version to last stable version 1.4.6, but the problem was not disappeared.

It seems to me that in some previous version of foobar2000 there was no this problem, i found it just after I've been updated version of foobar2000 to 1.4.3 some years  before, and in some previous version this file played normally.

Mobile version of foobar2000 downloaded from Google Play Market is also has this problem and can't play the same OGG-files which is non-playable in PC version (but this files is playable by other Android and Windows music players).

Re: Bug OGG decode

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Problem acknowledged, thanks for reporting.

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