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Please, may I request some help?

I have a NAS drive which I store all my music on.

To access my music and to catalogue my collection I use Music Collector (
The Music collector links to the Music on my NAS and by clicking on a play button in the database you can choose to play an album or track.

Normally this would open the default media player and play the selection.

Now I would like to take this one step further and use Foobar as my default player and use it to stream UPnP to my music system which is Compatible.

I understand Foobar can do this but I am unable to set up Foobar to do this any advice or directions would be appreciated as I am not technical but can follow instructions.

Thank you in advance,



Re: UPnp

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First, in foobar2000 "Preferences" find Media Library and add the folder(s) on your NAS where music is located.

Then install the DLNA component. The basic idea is here:
You'll have more questions after, so just post back here.

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