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Creating an account is pretty hard

I spent way too long on the captcha, I filled in about 20 of them before the system would let me in.

But it feels weird having both (the abysmal) text input from random image, as well as google's recaptcha on the same page.
Passing on google, which would be enough to consider a user not a robot, should really just be enough. Because it was quite rough trying to pass the tests otherwise


Re: Creating an account is pretty hard

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Yeah, it's not supposed to be showing both. Of course, this forum's captcha feature is built-in, while ReCAPTCHA is an add-on, and I don't know how to switch off one without switching off both. Let's see...

Yeah, that should fix it. Seems the ReCAPTCHA addon no longer disables the built-in verification image.

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