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FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)

So I have been recently redownloading all my music to the FLAC format. I have used various programs such as Spek and Lossless Audio Checker to ensure they are a true FLAC file. I am also downloading them from a good source, some are even ripped by me.

I decided today to check the program Audio Checker and noticed the following errors for certain files.

C:\Directory...Pusha T - Drug Dealers Anonymous (ft. Jay-Z).flac   (TRUNCATED @ 4m 13s)

However, when I open the file, the file plays without any problems. The error shows that it's truncated at the end of every song.
 I'm not sure what to think of this error, should I replace all my FLAC files that have the same error with a TRUNCATED @ end of the song?

Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)

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"From a good source"? Legal good source I take it?

Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)

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Yes. ( Also from artist's bandcamp pages where before I downloaded mp3 from instead of FLAC when I had the chance.

I am going to redownload just to be safe. I noticed the very last second of each track doesn't end properly and just comes to a abrupt end. I guess that was the error that audiochecker found.

Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)

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With lossless files, I know which ones in my collection are corrupted and cannot be fixed. I do not want to have to deal with "corrupted but I have not heard anything wrong" if I can avoid it. Not even "should I try to check if it is audible or should I retrieve from my backups?"
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Re: FLAC Truncated? (Audio Checker)

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If it's an error in the track you downloaded and paid for then report it :)

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