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Synching a 4th generation 64gb ipod


first, i did try my best to find a forum that i thought would best fit.

i had purchased a 32gb 4th generation ipod, and it was synching my requested playlists just fine.  but i bought a couple of 64gb ipods, figuring that i would eventually need them.

in itunes, i just finished creating one playlist that i wanted to sync.  but it was a couple gigs too big.  so i got out my 64gb, and tried to sync it.  it doesnt work.

i have approximately 10,000 mp3s loaded into itunes.  itunes finds them fine.  and my 32gb ipod will sync to what i ask it to do (until it got too large)

but when i hook up my 64gb ipod to itunes, it can only find 16 songs in the library.

so either it is looking at another library than my 32gb is doing, or there is something wrong.  both 64gb ipods do exactly the same thing, so i can rule out the ipod itself as the culprit.

for kicks, i did sync it to the 16 songs.  all 16 are part of my itunes library, but i see nothing to give me any clues.  these songs are not all in the same playlist, same artist, alphabetically close, etc.  it just seems as if it chose 16 random songs out of 10,000, and considers that to be my library !!

the ios is 6.1.6 on both the 32gb and 64gb ipods, and it says i have the latest version, if i try to update my version


Re: Synching a 4th generation 64gb ipod

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i figured out that part of the problem.  i needed to uncheck the option of only syncing checked items.

apparently, 16 songs out of 10,000 have been checked for some reason

now it is just sitting on step 4 of 4, saying "waiting for changes to be applied"

it took about 15 minutes, but now it has started the normal copy process

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