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Installing foo facets

There may be a thread on this topic but I haven't found it.

I've downloaded facets and have the zip file located under Components.
How do I go the next step(s) to get it to show up when I open foobar2000?


Re: Installing foo facets

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Any questions for the Components should be posted in the 3d Party Plug-ins forum.,33.0.html

Here is a video that helped me get started with Foobar2000.

It will discuss how to setup the Facets component.  The guy goes through things very fast, so I suggest you watch the video once to see what is being done.  Get pencil and paper and watch it a second or third time and write down what he is doing.  I had to pause and replay parts to understand what he was clicking on.  I still refer back to this video to see how things were done.  I hope this helps.


Re: Installing foo facets

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Did you find out how to get notifications?  I saw that Garym provided info in the dbpoweramp forum.


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