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Re: may i know your favorite headphone?

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I just got a pair of Pioneer SE-MS7BT-S as a gift. They're BT headphones, but even though, I think they're great. They support aptX, AAC, NFC and Hi Res Audio.

Not on par with wired headphones, but I use it a lot with the iPad.

Re: may i know your favorite headphone?

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A kind and generous person stole my Sony MDR-Z7's. Looking at replacements I'd have been happy with another pair of Z7's but the UK distributor of Beyerdynamic was selling "B" stock 2 gen T5P's on EBay for £399. I liked the T5P (I have friends who used them so was familiar with the model) but the UK SRP is more than I'd be willing to spend on a pair of headphones. However at £399 it was worth a go so I went for it, despite being called "B" stock the item was unopened and new and I suspect that the distributor has over stocked and are marketing these as "B" stock to avoid devaluing shop stock by advertising it as a 50% discount on regular new stock. I'm delighted with them, and they can easily be driven to a sensible volume directly from my smartphone and tablet and sound terrific without needing a separate headphone amp or DAC. For any other British users of this forum who have had an interest in these headphones but baulked at the cost they should check this opportunity out.

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