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Page view limit?

Since the theme change, I seem to have a limited number of page views in the foobar2000 forums before my browsers report that they can't find anything in the Hydrogen Audio universe. I estimate about 16-20 or so views before I'm shut out. Access is possible again after roughly 30 minutes, and the countdown begins again.

Oddly enough, dBpoweramp forums are also unavailable to me once the problem occurs.

I can live with the new colors if I must, but this behavior makes me want to let my hair grow so I can pull it out.

Windows 10 Home x64, Edge and Chrome browsers.

Re: Page view limit?

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I tried to access the foobar2000 forums after being away from my computer for several hours, and once again the site couldn't be found. So, it appears that there is intermittent work being done on the forums and nothing wrong on my side. I'll deal with it while hoping everything's fixed in short order.

Re: Page view limit?

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If it affects dbPowerAmp's forums as well, it's entirely down to the hosting, since they're both hosted in the same VM cluster. I would probably blame the host's firewall, or something.


Re: Page view limit?

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I guess if this keeps happening I'll have to try contacting the host, then.

Thanks for explaining the HA/dBpoweramp connection. That's one less thing to wonder about.

Edit: This comment posted, but I couldn't see it because I was again shut out from the site for a while. Moomph.

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