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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi everyone,

the mac app works fine so far, thanks.

To improve the client I would love to see the following new features:
  • Search function (f.e. you got a huuuuuge playlist > search a specific album or song)
  • Album cover view (to have list based on album covers to scroll through
  • Show current app version > When having the app opened > click on about > there should be a version somewhere

Other than that it would be nice to have a RSS feed on the homepage (changelog f.e.) to easily catch up with new deployed versions / updates.

Thanks guys and have a nice day.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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One question, I am facing several crashes within the latest macOS version. Is there any place to drop crash logs?


Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Is there any way to get a columns UI-like layout? Where you can load your whole library and it gets sorted by artist and album

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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PM one to Peter, as he's the only one who can help with that right now.

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