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Re: foobar2000 for mac

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I'm trying to add my whole /Users/myUser/Music folder to f2k for mac Version 2.1.46 (1)  but the playlist isnt filled with music, but only 3 itmes...and none of them is mp3.

I have several mp3 albums included in my folders, which play nice, when I add the folders directly via drag&drop.

I have also included the complete HVSC (sid music) collection into my /Users/myUser/Music folder.

For me, it is not important, that sids are not added, because no component is available atm, but its important that no mp3 is added to the playlist when dragging the folder /Users/myUser/Music onto a playlist.

As there is not crash, I can only offer screenshots:

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Version 2.1.47 posted, various playlist manipulation related bugs have been fixed, including various scenarios of requested tracks not getting added to playlist.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hello Peter.
Thank you for the player I am using constantly.
Would like to report a missing functionality that force me to stick to the old version 2.1.27 (3) - playback resume on application launch. It is the last version I was able to find that supports this feature.

It looks like the player state saving is "not okay" as all versions are able to continue play after I close the 2.1.27 (3) build. But resume after close is not working on later versions: close while playing 2.1.27(3) - start 2.1.47 - auto play works  8), but close 2.1.47 - start 2.1.47 - no playback resume :( .
I don't mind using the old version so if this is not solved it remains a cool player. But with this issue "resolved" I think it would be better  :D
I am using High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G7024) hackintosh if that matters.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Thanks for the bug report.
Version 2.1.48 out, fixed playback position restoring bug.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Thanks, you are awesome  :))

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Hi, Works well with VoiceOver on the mac.
There are some unlabeled buttons that voiceover doesn't read, I think there previous, next, and the play/ stop buttons. The buttons are after the volume slider.
Would there ever be a watch folder feature?
Keep up the good work on this grate player.

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Is there any chance of being able to get components for OSX? The reason I use Foobar is because of the special components that have been made for it.

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Thanks for this version of foobar2000 for the Mac! Any chance to get Exclusive Access and Sync Bitrate options for the output?

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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first, thx - just found and downloaded this, and it is working great. I was a longtime user starting when fb2k first was released, but migrated to Mac over ten years ago, so this is a wonderful find!

OS X 10.14.5

special components that have been made for it.
For example?
would love to be able to load tracks, apply trackgain and export wav (was able to do this via right click in windows os)

Theme and visualization support would be fun, too...

Again, many thanks.

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Made an account to say thank you for hard work. Foobar on mac is so great, even if there's only the basic functions implemented right now. I'm just hoping for media server support to come soon.

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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First of all, thank you for the hard work. Does the Mac version have a "Set 'Enqueue' as the default action"?

Re: foobar2000 for mac

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Huge Thanks for the long awaited, sorely needed Mac alternative. THX!

As a newbie to Mac 10.14.5, though not  to Fubar 2K, and  and  blind to boot, I must use Apple accessibility feature Voice over key commands to operate the system and all apps..

1  will FB for MAC see an auto update feature?
1a is there a rec for updating FB for MAC? Ie., uninstall previous ver first? Install new ver then delete old ver?

2 Unlike previous ver., FB2K 2.1.50  allows Voice over to enunciate controls, buttons, etc., during playback.  thanks much! BUT, Am I detecting less fidelity in playback as the result?

3  activating content inside of tables presently mandates the use of a mouse. Keyboard interactions do NOT enable content to be activated using Apple VO key commands, e.g.  Enter, Return, or Ctrl + Opt + space bar strokes will not initiate playback. Only a mouse or file menu commands work to that end even after interacting with said table.

4.  On any platform of FB2K will there ever be a set of default key commands for navigating playback, ie., stop, next, previous, pause, etc., without utilizing the GuI buttons, menus,  or delving into the Press on Windows to configure it/them?
Blind users would certainly appreciate this!

,  Otherwise, many, many thanks for letting  Windows, and now, Apple users acquire you’re playback software.
I’m sure MAC users can not wait to see their versions mature and gain greater competency, in time. Much gratitude!
Some people learn from books, some learn from the wisdom of their peers, and some folks just have to pee on the electric fence now and then.

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Thanks for the active development, it improves every time I revisit it and I love to see it happen. I agree with most of the requests petitioned so far, but I wanted to chip in and say that I'd like to see the UI be more standardized with macOS. My main gripes are the panel being at the bottom instead of the top (see iTunes, other Apple apps, Swinsian, etc), and the playback buttons being custom, rather Android-like in design, instead of drawn as the ones provided by macOS. I strongly think it would be an improvement as far as integration and consistency is concerned (see how they'd automatically change with the OSs version, look alike with other apps, etc).

I also wanted to say that I can't believe some of the format it plays! Again, thanks for taking the time to do this.

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