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Getting specific channel info out of multi-channel files

As best I can tell, there are two ways to get channel information from a multi-channel file: $info(channels) and $info(channel_mode). channels just returns the number of channels, and channel_mode tells you what those channels are.

While it appears that every one of my .ac3 files has channel_mode, many of my .dts files do not. Obviously foobar knows what channels need to come out of which speaker to play the file back properly, so is there any way I can actually get what the specific channels are from those files which are lacking channel_mode?

Right now, if I don't have $info(channel_mode) for a file, I'm stuck with assuming 5 channels is always 3+2 with no LFE, and 6 channels is always standard 5.1... but I'm guessing there are files out there where that assumption does not hold.

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