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Newbie Question: Moving Operating Systems

Hey guys, first post on here.

I am building a new PC and moving from Win7 to Win10 on a new drive but I want to be able to keep my current configuration for Foobar2000 without losing all of my playlists since I know that they are directory based and I have a lot of my library organized into large playlists separated by genre mainly with similar artists clustered together.
Will I just have to simply keep the same folder structure for my music (C:\Files\Music in my case) and then copy over my current build of Foobar as well as the AppData? Or is there anything else special I should consider?

Any tips would be much appreciated thanks.


Re: Newbie Question: Moving Operating Systems

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AppData foobar2000 folder is fine as long as the files will exist in the same drive letter and paths as before. If you're using a portable install, you'll want to copy the foobar2000 folder itself, as that's where your config lives, not the AppData path.

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