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Backing up your mp3 music collection

If you looking at ways to backup your mp3 music collection you can use PoQStacker (from The instructions do this:-

1) Scan your music into the library (this will be the “Source”).

2) From the menu select Library > Library Tools > Sync Library. It should default to the source above, if not, select it as the source.

3) When prompted for the Destination, press Add, and navigate to where you want to put the Backup. Press Done.

4) Choose if just want mp3 file or all files in the Source library folder to be backed-up.

The backup process will only copy those files changed or don’t exist in the destination.

In some music collections, you can mistakenly have multiple copies of tracks and albums, hidden in a maze of nested folders... During the backup operation PoQStacker will detect this and give you a bunch of options.


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