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Lossy codec tests of 5.1 audio?

All the lossy codec listening tests and shoot-outs I've been able to find online focus on stereo audio only.

Has anyone here or elsewhere done any evaluations of modern lossy audio codecs (e.g. EAC3/DD+, AC4, AAC, etc) specifically with multi-channel audio (e.g. 5.1)?

For example, most DD+ 5.1 audio available today is encoded at 192 kbps. But are there any independent studies that show DD+ @ 192 kbps provides adequate quality for 5.1 audio?

Re: Lossy codec tests of 5.1 audio?

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It's a fascinating question.  Psychouacoustics to date finds that home audio acoustic impairments are less noticeable in surround than in stereo.   Could be that holds true for lossy impairments as well....

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