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New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

Afternoon all,
First post here but I've had a good trundle through the site this morning and can't find an obvious resolution to this problem though it's occurred a few times in the past.

My EAC is newly installed today:

-6 -V -T "ARTIST=%artist%" -T "TITLE=%title%" -T "ALBUM=%albumtitle%" -T "DATE=%year%" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%tracknr%" -T "GENRE=%genre%" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" -T "BAND=%albuminterpret%" -T "ALBUMARTIST=%albuminterpret%" -T "COMPOSER=%composer%" %haslyrics%--tag-from-file=LYRICS="%lyricsfile%"%haslyrics% -T "DISCNUMBER=%cdnumber%" -T "TOTALDISCS=%totalcds%" -T "TOTALTRACKS=%numtracks%" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% %source% -o %dest%

I've selected FLAc as the output via the following:
I:\Exact Audio Copy\Flac\flac.exe

and my files are all correctly ripping to a WDMyCloud Ultra NAS.

However, no matter what I change, they are appearing as .wav not FLAC.

I've also un and reinstalled everything twice to no avail.

Any help would be welcome!



Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Which EAC "button" are you pressing?  It should be the one labelled "CMP" for compressed.  Or from the menu, select Action > Copy Selected Tracks > Compressed.

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Or then, assuming you're not willing to create a CUE sheet, use the olde faithful CTRL+F5 shortcut.
Listen to the music, not the media.

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Hi mpradford,

I think EAC has an issue using FLAC.EXE when saving to a network location. I'm on a Mac and use Parallels to run Windows. My music folder shows up both under "This PC" and under "Network". I noticed that I get only WAV files when I use the "Network" location. I tried it again but this time I pointed EAC to the music folder via the "This PC" pathway and voila: FLAC files!

Try doing the same rip again but try saving to a local folder or at least a folder not under "Network". I'm willing to bet that you'll get your FLAC files.

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Morning everyone
THanks for the replies and apologies for the tardiness in replying.

I'm going via the option of copying all tracks as Uncompressed (F5 I think)

Mike457- that could be it, genius, Sir, genius. I will try to sneak over to the room where the PC is tonight once my wife, 2 year old and dogs are all asleep!

Updates to follow...

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Of course, if you use the "uncompressed" option, you shouldn't be expecting FLAC files, regardless of save location.

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Hi Mike
Maybe a typo on my part, but surely uncompressed would produce large files, compressed would produce MP3 etc? If not, why would I get WAV which show 0% compression to the original file.

Anyway, i had this from the developer this evening which confirms your earlier genius status :o)

The Flac encoder and few others has that particular problem (some others don't).

Either extract to a local drive first and move them afterwards, or assign a drive letter to your share. Ripping to a drive letter should be
no problem (and assigning a letter to a share should even work with NAS).

Thanks all

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Just a quick update on this. I mapped the NAS to a drive and tried ripping. The same thing happened.

Re: New EAC user- only WAV not FLAC

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Did you ever figure this out?
I am having same problem!

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