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ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

About this very useful ReplayGain Scanner component.
You can read the Wiki for more information here on what is is and how it works. Read here, how to use it, and if you like to access the fields, read here.
There is also another component, you can make use of to enhance your user experience: Replaygain Override.

Thank you Peter for this very useful component, which is included in the default (full/normal) installation of foobar2000!

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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What's the purpose of this topic ?..

(Also, it's 1st party component, not a 3rd party)

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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Man, you're fast ;-)

What's the purpose of this topic ?..

(Also, it's 1st party component, not a 3rd party)
You're correct, sorry for that. Do we need to move that Thread?

This is the purpose (feature request):

Can we have sortable columns, like in the File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier) component?

It is very convenient to sort when you have applied RG for >2000 files and have, say, 5 errors, spreaded in the list.

Also, it woud be very handy, if there coud be an right-click context menu, giving the user access to, say "play" and all other useful options.
At this point, there is nothing we can do with the result window, but reading the information and then trying manually to find the files which had problems. This is kinda inconvenient and could be improved, allowing faster access to the files in focus.

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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I agree with everything you said, but my solution (and it's handy for other reasons) was to add a tab containing a duplicate "playlist view" dedicated to displaying volume. Once you've updated the files after a scan it's then easy to sort by volume etc.

Volume Column (the playing track is highlighted):
Code: [Select]
$if(%replaygain_track_gain%,$puts(X,$sub(-1800,$replace(%replaygain_track_gain%,.,)))$puts(VOLUME,$ifequal($get(X),0,0,$ifgreater($get(X),0,$replace(+$substr($num($get(X),4),1,2),+0,+),$replace($substr($num($get(X),5),1,3),-0,-))).$substr($num($get(X),5),4,5) dB)$if(%isplaying%,>>>$get(VOLUME)<<<,$get(VOLUME)))

Track Gain Column
Code: [Select]
[$if(%isplaying%,>>>%replaygain_track_gain%<<<,%replaygain_track_gain%) ]

Peak Column
Code: [Select]
[$if(%isplaying%,>>>%replaygain_track_peak_db%<<<,%replaygain_track_peak_db%) ]

You can do the same for Album Gain by substituting %replaygain_track_gain% with %replaygain_album_gain% etc as required.
The syntax for the volume column looks rather convoluted. I can't remember why but it works, and it displays the volume in human-speak instead of ReplayGain's extremely unintuitive "target volume".

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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Thank you yetanotherid, good idea! I will give that a try. (Well, if I understand all of your code) :-)

kinda OT, but:
can you tell me, how did you accomplish to set up 2 playlist-views (I use CUI) with different columns for each playlist-view?
When I add or change a column, it appears on each playlist, not only on the, say, RG-Test playlist.

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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I'm using the default GUI so it night be different, but I already had a tabbed area below the playlists, so I just added another one for "Volume". It contains the "playlist view" UI. It's an ordinary tab though, not a playlist tab. That's probably what's happening, you've used a playlist tab for the alternative playlist view, rather than a standard tab, so the second playlist view has the same columns.

You should be able to create multiple tabs containing the playlist view UI, and they'll each show the contents of the currently selected playlist. I have three, with different columns for each tab.

Screenshot with layout editing mode enabled.

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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Not really. Default UI supports settings per instance of the playlist view, while Columns UI apparently doesn't.

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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That's a little disappointing.....

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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Thank you both for clearing this out to me :-) It's the way it is...

1 reason more to have the sorting of columns and rightclick-menu available in the foo_rgscan component.

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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If I was a CUI user, I'd be posting a feature request. :)

Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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For completeness' sake,

jazzthieve mentioned Esplaylist in the Columns UI Thread.
So I gave it a try. Now it looks nice and has all infos easy to recognize. At least for me 8-)

Thanks yetanotherid, for helping! kode54 too!


Re: ReplayGain Scanner (foo_rgscan)

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That looks pretty good. Aside from the volumes being on the left and the titles on the right. I don't think my brain could cope. ;)

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