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Re: foo_scrobble

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i have this issue:
it authorizes normally, but then i click apply and ok and then immediately when i go back to preferences it deauthorizes
it was working fine before


Re: foo_scrobble

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Hi, the foo_scrobble plugin isn't working. Based on the console text, it seems like the plugin doesn't even load:

Code: [Select]
Components loaded in: 0:00.050567
Configuration read in: 0:00.003643
foobar2000 v1.4 [portable]
Watching: C:\Users\Jeremy\Music
User Interface initialized in: 0:00.194318
Startup time : 0:00.299359
Opening track for playback: "C:\Users\Jeremy\Music\orbital 2\07 Walk Now....wav"

Please help me get it to work.

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