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Re: foo_scrobble

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Hi gix, I have the same problem as stealthswor, it's saying "Unauthenticated" even though I am.
When I dis- and reconnected, the console said this:
Code: [Select]
foo_scrobble: Queuing scrobble (Unauthenticated)
Found 0 plays in (since last recorded scrobble) of The Donald
foo_scrobble: Requesting auth token
foo_scrobble: Received auth token: l5ddvT183mazWLqa3NmNmd9s2k_mnzQZ
foo_scrobble: Requesting session key
foo_scrobble: New session key: xRnifLPucw9JW3rpdMv9ZNNhRlINfPeQ
foo_scrobble: Queuing scrobble (Unauthenticated)
No errors, no nothing.

Edit: And on startup, this is what it says:
Code: [Select]
foo_scrobble: Scrobbling failed (error: 9, Please re - authenticate.)

Re: foo_scrobble

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I haven't gotten the opportunity yet to check if it works again, but I've heard that people are having this problem with other scrobblers as well and that is just having trouble right now, apparently. So the problem is probably on's part.

Re: foo_scrobble

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You may have to reauthorize foo_scrobble again.

via Twitter
Quote from: Official Response
Good morning everyone, 

Yesterday afternoon we experienced a brief outage at our datacentre which unfortunately caused many connected api keys / active sessions to get automatically logged out. The root issue has now been resolved, but if you've been affected by this, then I'm afraid you will need to reconnect and re-authenticate all of the applications connected to your account.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. 

You can view your connected applications in your settings here:  If the app(s) you're using are not listed, they will need to be reconnected - please follow each app's instructions for how to do this.  You can also find more information on how to connect to the most popular scrobblers here and here.

  Note that if an app says you're connected, but still doesn't work or gives you an error, you may need to first disconnect it and then re-auth again.  Failing this, you may need to do a fresh reinstall of the app, or reset it (e.g. you may need to do this if you're using the foo_scrobble component, detailed steps can be found here ). 

Please also note that to fix the problem we had to roll back a configuration setting at 1am this morning which would have logged everyone out of everything again -- if you had successfully reconnected all of your apps last night, then I'm afraid you may find that you've been logged out once again, and will need to reconnect one more time. 

Once again, we're sorry for any inconvenience this disruption has caused.

Re: foo_scrobble

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I get
Code: [Select]
foo_scrobble: Scrobbling failed (error: 9, Please re - authenticate.)
on startup.

Code: [Select]
foo_scrobble: Queuing scrobble (Unauthenticated)
after a track is played.

I have reauthorized the plugin, no luck. It won't scrobble.

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