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Software that handles write samples offset

Does anybody here know all of the current software that can deal with a non-compliant cue sheet with CD-TEXT AND incorporate a write offset when burning an audio CD?

For PC, I know that EAC does this. However, I'm on a MAC and while I'm fortunate enough that under Parallels EAC can read CDs, I have found that I cannot use EAC to burn CDs. (It just hangs on the burning step.)

For MAC, XLD can deal with the non-compliant cue sheet and also compensates for the write offset, but unfortunately the current release of XLD still cannot burn CD-TEXT.

Are there any alternative pieces of software (for either MAC or PC) that can do all three?

Re: Software that handles write samples offset

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Looks like not a lot of folks concerned with burning CDs these days. I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

Re: Software that handles write samples offset

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There is an write option in EAC to set the use of CDRDAO. Try to enable or disable to use of CDRDAO.
You can this setting at EAC options (F9)=> Write tab => Use CDRDAO for writing in the EAC layout editor

You can also try to get EAC to burn with some additional command line options.
There are a number of command line options to use, see page
First try the -NOSHOWBUFFER command and see if this fixes your burn problem. If not try to force a write strategy with one of the following commands:
Do this one at the time and also in combination with -NOSHOWBUFFER (example EAC.exe  -NOSHOWBUFFER -FORCEPLEXTOR)
I takes some experimentation but maybe you can get EAC to burn on your system



Re: Software that handles write samples offset

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I've tried both enabling and disabling CDRDAO in the past with no luck. I'll give it another shot just to be sure.

I haven't tried using these additional command line options, however. I'll post an update after I try these out. Thank you for your insightful reply!


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